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Stud Finding

  1. How do I change the battery in my StudSensor tool?
  2. What kind of battery does my Zircon® tool use?
  3. Why are all the lights blinking on my StudSensor device?
  4. Why can't I find studs behind my lath and plaster walls?
  5. Why is it detecting studs where I know there aren't any?
  6. Can I find studs behind tile in the bathroom or kitchen?
  7. Can I find studs behind my shower and/or tub surround wall?
  8. How do I calibrate my StudSensor stud finder?
  9. Why does my StudSensor tool fail to scan properly even with the green TruCal LED illuminated?
  10. How do I find joists in my ceiling or floor?
  11. Why can't I find any studs in exterior walls?
  12. Can I find studs from outside the house or through the roof?
  13. How do I use my StudSensor stud finder with different materials?
  14. How do I find the centre of the stud?
  15. Why does it show a wide "centre" of a stud instead of a single point? Why are the "edges" 7 cm or more apart?

Metal and Electrical Detection

  1. I know there's a wire behind my wall. Why can't I find it?
  2. Why is my StudSensor tool's WireWarning detection always on? It's showing live wires everywhere.
  3. Why is the WireWarning detection flashing?

Other Product Questions

  1. How do I change the battery on my LaserBall 360?
  2. Why is my Leak Alert beeping when there's no water around?

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