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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the i700

1. Why should I purchase a StudSensor?
Hanging pictures and shelves is just the beginning. Discover everything else a StudSensor stud finder can help you do.

2. Centre Finders vs. Edge Finders... What's the difference?
Why not all stud finders are the same, and why Zircon's patented technology can make your project easier.

3. There's so many StudSensor products - which one should I choose?
Whether you're a casual decorator, a home improvement guru, or a seasoned construction professional, we have a StudSensor tool for you.

4. How do stud finders work?
Our products help you find studs without worrying about the science. But if you want to know, we're happy to explain.

5. Why should I choose a Zircon® product?
At Zircon, stud finders and other electronic tools aren't just a sideline, they're a passion. Read why we've got a real edge over other brands.

Do you have other questions?

Feel free to email If you have a question about product functionality or repair, visit our Troubleshooting page. If you'd like information on how to better use your Zircon® product, try the Tips & Tricks section.

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