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Product Photo Finally, a laser level that's so easy even a novice gets it right the first time! It may look like a tennis ball, but this deceptive little package holds a laser that projects level or plumb lines so precise no one will believe you did it yourself. It's great for leveling and aligning pictures, shelves, cabinets, mirrors and more!

It all begins with the mounting cup. Attach it to any flat surface with the non-marring, self-adhesive discs. Pop the LaserBall 360 laser level into the cup, turn it on and it starts glowing a cool blue. Rotate the ball in the cup to create a horizontal or vertical line. Point the laser toward or away from the wall to adjust the line's length. A final check of the 4-way bubble will let you know the line is level or plumb. And that's it! No dusty chalk. No confusing measurements.

For more complicated jobs, use two LaserBall 360 laser levels together and keep your anchor points lined up on both horizontal and vertical axis. Don't need to find level or plumb? Use the LaserBall 360 as a laser "chalk line" in any direction to line up tile or hang a hand rail for stairs.

Give LaserBall 360 a try today and everything in your life will start looking straighter than ever.

SAFETY WARNING: Never shine a laser directly into eyes, doing so can cause serious eye injury. LaserBall 360 laser level is a precision tool, handle with care. Avoid water, shock, vibrations, and extreme temperatures.

Avoid Exposure: Laser radiation is emitted from this tool. Do not disassemble LaserBall 360 laser level. Do not aim laser at reflective surfaces. Do not remove warning labels. This product conforms to Applicable Standards of 21 CFR parts 1040.10 and 1040.11

Danger: laser radiationCaution: Use of controls, adjustments, performance of procedures (other than those specified herein) may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

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