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Changing a battery

Our support section is divided up into many pages to help with potential problems, answer questions you may have, and help get the most out of your Zircon tool.

Interactive Learning Center -

Changing the Battery guides you through putting a new battery into our standard tools.

Having a problem with your tool? Troubleshooting covers the most common issues and how to fix them.

Want to know more about Zircon tools, or are you trying to decide which one is right for you? See our Frequently Asked Questions.

Tips & Tricks are for users who already own a Zircon tool and want to learn more about properly using it to get the best, most accurate results. Also covers new uses for your tool and how it works.

Don't understand a term or an icon? Our Glossary section covers all the technical jargon you might encounter on our site or on our packaging.

Our international Warranty section gives you the legal information for our product warranties.

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