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Centre Finders vs. Edge Finders

Zircon® stud finders are divided into two classes - "Edge Finders" and "Centre Finders", which find the edges and centres of studs, respectively.

How to use and edge finderThe original Zircon® StudSensor tools, and all other stud finders from every other brand, use Zircon's edge-finding technology. You can read up on How Stud Finders Work, but basically the device scans the wall, and when it detects a change in wall density it knows it found a stud edge. Once you find both the stud edges you can work out where the centre of the stud is. (This page explains how to use an Edge-Finding StudSensor product.)

Zircon's Centre Finders, the only stud centre-finding devices on the market, use our new patented technology to find the centre of a stud, so you know where to nail, drill, or hammer after one pass across the wall. (This page explains how to use an Centre-Finding StudSensor product.)

If you have more questions or need help figuring out which StudSensor tool to get, we also have a further comparison of all products.

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