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Zircon Product Zircon Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets the largest selling line of high-technology, electronic hand tools for professional contractors and home improvement enthusiasts.

Today, Zircon sells more than two dozen unique electronic tools for a variety of jobs. These high-tech, high-performance tools have exclusive and patented features, not available from any other supplier, at very affordable prices.

The original Stud Sensor
The Original StudSensor.


In 1980, Zircon developed the StudSensor stud finder, the original electronic hand tool. Then as now, StudSensor stud finders pinpoint wood and metal studs and other objects hidden within walls, above ceilings, and under flooring.

Today, the StudSensor stud finder remains the top selling electronic hand tool in the world, with more than 30 million units sold through tens of thousands of retail locations worldwide.


Zircon® tools can be found throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Zircon remains the only company dedicated solely to electronic tools.

Zircon® products have worldwide appeal and are currently available in 30 countries; sales vehicles include a wide range of multilingual packaging, instructions and product information.

The Zircon booth


You can find Zircon at a number of professional tradeshows and conventions around the world. Our most recent appearance in Cologne, Germany, was a great opportunity to show our new products, new packaging, and answer questions from the public and our suppliers.

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