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Why are all the lights blinking on my StudSensor device?

1. This can happen when the StudSensor tool calibrates over a stud. This is our exclusive over-the-stud warning and it's easy to remedy. Just release the on/off switch, move it 10-20 cm to the left or right, hold the stud finder flat against the wall and try again.

2. You may have accidentally tilted or lifted the tool away from the wall. This causes an inaccurate scan. Be sure to keep the tool pressed flat against the wall at all times when scanning.

3. Your StudSensor device may need a new battery. See Tips & Tricks for replacement instructions.

4. Your other hand may be too close to the tool. Keep free hand at least 15 cm from the device as you calibrate and scan. Hold unit with thumb and index finger no higher than the handgrips. Be careful not to move your fingers after calibration.

5. Did you recently paint or wallpaper this surface? While it may feel dry to the touch, the paint or wallpaper may still hold enough moisture to disrupt the scan. Some paint and wallpapers varieties won't be fully dry for up to 4 weeks after application!

6. Grout lines in tile or the surface of a heavily textured wall or ceiling create density changes that skew results. Hold a sheet of paper or a manila folder over the scanning surface to create a consistent smooth area for scanning.

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